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Lord_OF_The End{Ω}
Omega Ω
Omega {The End}
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Game Players Winner System Game started Duration
#526495 BulletSponge, Lord_OF_Silence vs LO_Felix, [iG]Iron Gears Lord_OF_Silence, BulletSponge The French Date 22:08
#526493 Deathmortar, [BSE] Darth Fox, [BSE]Охотник vs McLary (1), BulletSponge, Lord_OF_Silence [BSE]Охотник, [BSE] Darth Fox, Deathmortar GlobalWarmingIsntReal 30:15
#526486 McLary (1), [BSE] Darth Fox, [BSE]Охотник vs Al Abbas ☪ [SOX], "Kid with cold hands", ︻┳テ=一 vs N30N, BulletSponge, Lord_OF_Silence unknown DOPE 25:51
#525728 Mikeylol, Lord_OF_Silence vs Athelion, [SC] Scipio Lord_OF_Silence, Mikeylol Howizter 12:03
#525720 Lord_OF_Silence vs Luther Luther Kimberlee 1V1 09:53
#525719 Lord_OF_Silence vs Luther Lord_OF_Silence Kimberlee 1V1 00:12
#525712 BulletSponge, Lord_OF_Silence vs [MBC]atmosphic, Aphrodite vs Jeruth, Spartako vs Rush9455, Luther Lord_OF_Silence, CommandonutSponge Cue Tip 25:26
#525709 [CG] Murk346, Sentel vs [MBC]atmosphic, Aphrodite vs LordTouchMe (1), DarxKnight vs BulletSponge, Lord_OF_Silence [MBC]atmosphic, Aphrodite Cue Tip 30:37
#525694 Savage (10), BunButts vs Marl Boro, metritirodogiy vs LO_Felix, Nomega vs jared (2), Zaxson vs Zavages, Lord_OF_Silence Lord_OF_Silence, Zavages CaosLunch 27:38
#525692 thunderboltt, Nomega vs BulletSponge, Luther vs LordTouchMe (1), TheOnlyKnight vs Wombat Nipples, Lord_OF_Silence CommandonutSponge, Luther Lumpy Potato Showdown 15:55
#525417 HAXSSS!!!, titleguy04, Sebasfac *-), Henschel, [RLM] AsZeal vs one(KOR), McLary (1), Luther, mf413, Lord_OF_Silence BROKEN_COMMANDONUT Sombrero 22:48
#525026 ReadyToNuke, ℬlur, BluTooth, [RLM] AsZeal, B3L4L vs SushicCat55, [Nazi] Marshmello, BulletSponge, Lord_OF_Silence, Qzi​pco [RLM] AsZeal, BluTooth, B3L4L, ReadyToNuke, ℬlur Wadiya 13:59
#525010 Fighter_pilot_16, ︻┳テ=一, julmass, [A_PA_A] theiban, [RLM] AsZeal vs staphen, Spartako, BulletSponge, Lord_OF_Silence, Patricius Martius [A_PA_A] theiban, ︻┳テ=一, [RLM] AsZeal, Fighter_pilot_16, julmass Spiky Meatball 57:08
#525004 Lachlainc, Nomega vs BATTLEKOT, staphen vs [RLM] AsZeal, Antrex (TimeLord) vs Dradgos, Tomane vs Spartako, Lord_OF_Silence [RLM] AsZeal, Antrex (TimeLord) RockyRockNugget 23:16
#524991 Lord_OF_Silence vs Errat1k Errat1k Costas De Los Olvidados 26:48
#524976 Lord_OF_Silence vs Lord_OF_Scones APAA_K1NG Diadect 12:24
#524962 Lord_OF_Silence vs Errat1k Lord_OF_Silence Geothermal Plant 1 43:19
#524956 Lord_OF_Silence vs [Nik] Commandonut [Nik] NikolaMX Bayou 10:57
#524890 Grit, [BRN]Commandonut, Luther, ♫Milkman♫ vs LO_Felix, noobula, ValKids, Lord_OF_Silence Luther, [BRN]Commandonut, ♫Milkman♫, Grit Construct Prime 26:13
#524889 josieamory, [FBNOps]Awassa, LO_Felix, Grand Homie, Lord_OF_Silence vs Jacory37, elvis ..., [BRN]Commandonut, Luther, ♫Milkman♫ Lord_OF_Silence, josieamory, Grand Homie, LO_Felix, [FBNOps]Awassa Yellow Belly 22:46
#524834 Jin Mandela, CornBread, Grand Homie, Lord_OF_Silence, PAG_LordOFRedEmpire vs O'Brien, Heraemoes, Kamikazie, Cronix (1), Antrex (TimeLord) Lord_OF_Silence, PAG_LordOFRedEmpire, CornBread, Grand Homie, Jin Mandela Wadiya 08:52
#524825 [FBNOps]Awassa, DrDazzaable, [RLM]Commandonut4two vs null vs ℬlur, AndreasG, [BSE] Diskraip vs N30N, Lord_OF_Silence, PAG_LordOFRedEmpire [BSE] Diskraip, ℬlur, AndreasG Free the Nipple 32:26
#524814 Lord_OF_Scones vs Lord_OF_Silence vs [LoCoDa] Mr.Loló vs PAG_LordOFRedEmpire vs Lord_OF_Blinkys vs John Zoidberg PAG_LordOFRedTanks Triangulation 29:00
#524801 BulletSponge, Dutchman (1), Grand Homie, Lord_OF_Silence vs Lord_OF_Blinkys, Manuz, Lord_OF_Scones, [A_PA_A] theiban BulletSponge, Grand Homie, Lord_OF_Silence, Dutchman (1) Battle Ball 20:22
#524789 Lord_OF_Silence vs Grand Homie Lord_OF_Silence Rodeo 20:02
#524654 LO_Felix, Lord_OF_Silence vs ℬlur, Luther vs BulletSponge, Big_Commandonut vs .Otu, TheAceOverKings vs DrDazzaable, CornBread ℬlur, Luther Blurs Map 33:26
#524650 Lord_OF_Silence vs Grand Homie Grand Homie A Crusade In The Alps 16:16
#524645 Lord_OF_Silence vs Grand Homie Lord_OF_Silence O Ring 26:43
#524634 ProToNium (1), CornBread, DarxKnight, AlwaysPrime vs Artex196, Manuz, Polar Test 53, Lord_OF_Silence ProToNium (1), CornBread, DarxKnight, AlwaysPrime Desert of Sand and Stone S 25:08
#524623 Jin Mandela, ematarkus, Spartako, John Zoidberg, Lord_OF_Silence vs Kommander Kek, Kaptain Kek, the destroyer (3), MineCraftLetsPlay, DukeOfLux Spartako, ematarkus, John Zoidberg, Lord_OF_Silence, Jin Mandela Wadiya 12:55
#524617 Rainbow Corgi, AndreasG, Lord_OF_Silence, Wing Zero, Grzegorz2121 vs randallson42, N30N, AlwaysPrime, [Nik] Commandonut, [Bot 1] Comandonut Pa!n, AndreasG, Lord_OF_Silence, Rainbow Corgi, Grzegorz2121 Wadiya 11:25
#524610 Spartako vs BRITTANI<3 vs [FBNOps]Awassa vs Lord_OF_Silence vs Simon Gruber vs KING (27) vs [Bot 1] Comandonut vs ︻┳テ=一 Spartako Free the Nipple 30:42
#524604 Morty C-137 (1) vs Spartako vs co2 + Ka2 vs BRITTANI<3 vs taitt2 vs Lord_OF_Silence vs [FBNOps]Awassa vs TheMasterEngineer Spartako Cue Tip 17:47
#524463 Grand Homie, Spartako, Lord_OF_Silence, PAG_LordOFRedEmpire vs leemerklein93, Luther, METAPOD, ♫Milkman♫ Lord_OF_Silence, PAG_LordOFRedTanks, Spartako, Grand Homie Battle Ball 18:41
#524458 Grand Homie, Spartako, Fuck 12, Lord_OF_Silence, PAG_LordOFRedEmpire vs [Bolshevik] Dan, Avery649, Luther, METAPOD, ♫Milkman♫ Avery649, COMMANDOUNUTPOD, [Bolshevik] Dan, ♫Milkman♫, Luther Free the Nipple 16:13
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