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Welcome to PA Stats!

What is this about?

PA-Stats is a statistics tracking page for Planetary Annihilation.
It enables you to view your statistics like your army count over time or how many resources of what type you gathered.
I am working on adding more features. You can click Games above to check the current list of games recorded.
Recorded games should stay on the page IF they are longer than 5 minutes

How does it work?

It works by gathering data from a UI-Mod
The mod gathers your game data and sends it to this server every 5 seconds. The exchange of data between the mod and the server happens with a json webservice. If you have a nice idea for a tool that needs access to the data ask me for it.

Do I need to update this all the time?

No! PA Stats is updated automatically

I want this...

Check out the Installation section.

Can you show me some nice video about it?

Well yes here you go, though notice it is a little outdated, PA Stats has even more functions now!

Thanks to brianpurkiss from PA Matches for the video.

I want to suggest something...

The main discussion is in the Uberent Forums.

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